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About Us

Company Overview

CONEMS Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd. is a Company that is growing from simple beginnings into, arguably, one of the capable independent organization of its kind, based in Khartoum, Sudan.

The company was established in the Sudan in the year 2004, working in contracting and Facilities management services filed. Based on its success in its original field of activity and in order to reflect the trend of offering an international building contracting and services expanded to become a true Building Services and Engineering Contractor.

With a need to remain competitive and, at the same juncture, enhance the quality of its services, CONEMS employs full ‘inhouse’ design and engineering teams, utilizing the latest in hardware and CAD software. CONEMS undertakes its contracts by the full utilization of its own resources; sub-contracting is limited to the exacting requirements of specific projects.

By offering comprehensive constructing and engineering services in house we can provide a scope of services to our clients throughout the project development, design and construction phases.