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Health & Safety Policy

It is the policy of CONEMS to use its best endeavors to prevent any form of loss or damage, and to ensure the safety of its employees and others, in the working environment under its control.

CONEMS is committed to safety and to this end has developed its own safety procedures, which take into consideration the specific needs of its Clients’ requirements.

CONEMS encourages its employees to act responsibly at all times to prevent and avoid all forms of loss and damage, and to avoid harm or injury to themselves or others.

Employees are provided with protective clothing including but not limited to safety footwear, hard helmets, overalls and such other items of protective clothing or personal protective equipment as may be required to safely perform a particular operation.

Communication between all levels is encouraged in order to preclude potential losses due to dangerous plant, equipment, tools, protective clothing or safety equipment.

CONEMS complies with all Health and Safety Regulations and Rules advised by its Clients.