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Quality Policy Statment

CONEMS Engineering & Trading Company ensures that this quality policy statement and the associated procedures apply to all activities and work undertaken within the company. CONEMS can demonstrate its ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements together with its commitment to enhance customer satisfaction through conformity with client needs and continual improvement of our systems.

The company's success is based on the quality and commitment of its highly experienced and professional management and construction staff. Ongoing development of the company's operations and upgrading of equipment and facilities ensure that we combine the best in the modern building techniques with the best in traditional craft skills.

The CONEMS approach is to listen and openly discuss the individual needs of every contract so our clients get exactly what they require and more importantly, know exactly what they are getting before any contract is signed.

The company's philosophy is to maintain, and improve if possible, our record of providing work of highest quality, in conformance with the client requirement, on time and within budget. To this end we endeavour to work as a team in a spirit of co-operation with the client and other professional representatives.

It is the objective of CONEMS to:

  • To supply Materials, Plant and Equipment as specified by the 
  • Client or as appropriately proposed by us to satisfy the design 
  • requirements.
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  • To utilize suitably qualified and trained personnel to ensure a good standard of workmanship and the required quality of the installation.
  • To use our best endeavours to ensure that works are completed in accordance with such programmes as may be agreed with the client during the currency of the contract.
  • To operate a Quality Management System.
  • To develop and maintain a more refined costing system to improve the cost control abilities of the organization.