General Contracting

Finger pointing is something we don’t believe in, hence why we heavily concentrate on reviewing and analyzing construction documents to reduce problems in the future. Yet we all know that design changes are bound to happen, and we are here to work as a team to integrate any changes with an aim to stay on schedule and below budget.

We strive to set the stage from the beginning to have a smooth building process throughout.

Conems has developed its PM capabilities from its great success as General Contractors and its distinguished Construction Management style. In Project Management we aim to tackle single projects from the Initiating phase through the Closing phase on time, within budget and without hindering quality or safety.



Project management services may include:


o   Project definition

o   Developing a realistic and complete budget

o   Cost & Budget Controls

o   Schedule of planning and design phase management

o   Management information system

o   Schedule and Quality control

o   Review of documents for coordination and constructability

Conems began trading solely as building contractors, based on our early success and in order to reflect the trend of offering an integrated building Engineering Services package, CONEMS expanded to become a true Building Services Engineering Contractor. Continuous review and development allow us to keep pace with the ever-changing contracting market. CONEMS execute all services system, Electrical, Plumbing, public health, firefighting, fire alarm, low-current system, building automation and monitoring system. We have successfully performed installation of all type of buildings including villas, hospitals, banks and offices.

We are constantly seeking new challenges and personnel to undertake challenges within themselves. We consider it essential to contribute to our employees’ professional growth and help them further their career development through executive training programs, in-house and external trainings. 

Engineering Facilities:

Conems has its own in-house Engineering facility. The Engineering Department provides engineering solutions and produces shop drawings to industry standards by implementing good construction and efficient value engineering practices.

Subject to the project demands dedicated teams may be stationed on site under the direct control of the Project Director/Manager but maintaining the continuous interaction with the department so as to ensure continuity of processes and standards.

This department is equipped with highly advanced equipment to support the PC Network and Reprographics Centre, providing the ability to design each project in its specified environment, most advance and latest hardware and software packages been utilized for carrying out detailed design calculations and design co-ordination.

Our VE follows the structured thought process that is based exclusively on “Function”, i.e. what something “does” not what it is. Our objective is to successfully reduce the life cycle cost and time while maintaining the highest level of quality.


The process starts by gathering as much information to allow us to measure, analyze, and generate alternatives that could serve the same purpose. We evaluate all options and assess the impact, cost, and performance that is best suited for the job.


Conemss expertise and experience in VE assures that “Value” is truly added to your project with the most cost effective design